About TUD

Welcome to The Urban Decadence.

Why don’t you wipe off your shoes on that rug and come in?

The Urban Decadence is a place where you can read up on the urban artists that populate California (I’ve only added the ‘Los Angeles’ part because it’s where I live therefore there’ll be a lot of focus in the LA area). We also review albums, promote events (in support of the artists we interview), and just talk about daily city life!┬áIf you’re an avid lover of music, curious about the going-ons of Los Angeles, and a supporter of the underground…be sure to bookmark this page on your web browsers. Although most of the posts you’ll read will have a (sometimes very) personal tone to them, we’ll be covering everything we’re able to cover.

So keep checking back for interviews, reviews, street finds and all that good stuff. Read this whenever you’re bored.

To help navigate, the Foodie tab will be an archive posts regarding all the places of good food, the Street Finds tab will be an archive regarding stores (and anything else relevant), the Interviews tab an archive of all the interviews that have been conducted & the Reviews tab an archive of all the music reviews we provide.

The Updates tab is where the blog posts go.

Pretty straightforward, right?

Happy reading & thanks for stopping by. :)